The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself... The more you learn, the more you'll earn - Warren Buffet

L2C - The Ultimate Lead Generation & Conversion Program

Its not that you are not motivated enough or you are not working hard enough. It may be that you are not trained enough.

Ratnesh Upadhyay

Why you should listen to what we are saying?

17 years of experience in Real Estate

CEO and founder of Lisa Home Solutions (P) Ltd - Successful real estate company in Pune

Have struggled with Lead generation

Have struggled with Team building

After lot of trials and errors, have finally found the LISA FUNNEL Strategies that work

Lisa Home Solutions works with realtors across India to close deals

If you are facing these problems, then this program is for you

  1. You do not have clarity on HOW you will make the money
  2. You do now know whether you should be doing rental deals, resale deals or new projects deals
  3. Your lead generation is irregular
  4. Your leads tell you that they have not enquired about any property
  5. Your buyers are not coming for the site visit even after they booked the appointment
  6. Difficulty in building a client base and establishing a reputation
  7. Recruiting and retaining talented staff
  8. Maintaining a work-life balance while running a demanding business

Marketing Core- Generate High Quality Leads

The Results

1. Increase your lead generation multiple times

2. Know successful realtors marketing plan

3. Learn how to have multiple sources of leads.

Note: Successful realtors have up to 7 sources working for them

Sales Expert- Convert your leads into Cash

The Results

1. Learn all the aspects of lead conversion - Strategy, Process, Systems & Skills

2. Increase your conversion ratio

3. Increase your profitability of your business

Note: Successful realtors close up to 2 times more leads than average realtors

Financial Model - Run your business like an MNC

The Results

1. Learn all the aspects of finance - Modeling, Budgeting

2. Ensure your business is protected from losses

3. Know when to spend and when not to

Note: Successful realtors have better margins and more control on their finances

Partner Up- Develop long lasting people strategy

The Results

1. Learn all the aspects of manpower

2. Learn to hire, train, retain and develop a parter mindset in your team

3. Get superb productivity from your people

Note: Successful realtors have committed teams and partners working with them

Tech Genie- The backbone of the DIGITAL Realtor

The Results

1. Free yourself and your team from admin and repetitive tasks

2. Learn the cutting edge tools needed to win in this business

3. Get more output from the same expenses

Note: Successful realtors have automated systems which help the owner and the team both

Program Package

L2C - Lead 2 Cash Program

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