(Lead Gen Kit)




(Real estate Sales Funnel Kit)


(Market Kit For Beginners)

Learn, Share Leads & Grow

Learn Closing Tactics EVERY Week

In these Review Sessions

There is a Dedicated Program Coordinator

Dedicated Support for Everyone

Instant Support via Ticketing

BRAND Building Insights... Based on Community DEMAND

Video Sales Pitch

Expensive Property Presentation

Closing Scripts

Everything Needed to become a Professional & Successful Consultant

  1. Live & Recorded Classes – To learn the Right Skills &
  2. All Templates & Docs – To help you get started fast
  3. Superb Dedicated Support – To ensure you implement
    & succeed
  4. Community – To learn, Share leads & Do Bz across
  5. Access to Live Expert sessions – Industry Experts,
    Reviews, Wks

What ALL you are going to get ...

  • 3 Implementation Programs for Lead Mastery – 29,997 INR/-
  • 1 Bonus FB Ad Copies – Free
  • 3 Implementation Programs for Automation Set Up – 29,997 INR/-
  • Real Estate Funnel Set Up – 9,999 INR/-
  • 2 Implementation Programs for
  • Market/Inventory – 19,998 INR/-
  • 3 Implementation Programs for Closing Deals – 29,997 INR/-
  • 3 Bonuses for Sales – Video Pitch, Presentation, Closing Scripts – Free
  • Elite Consultant Community Membership – Priceless
  • Deal Close Review Meet Up – Priceless
  • Dedicated Support – Free

Total Value - 1,19,988 INR/-


14 Packages

Total Value – 1,19,988 INR/-
24,999/- INR/-

If you do all this..


You will get your return within a month

20k * 12 = 2.4 Lakhs in the 1st year itself

Some Questions That People Generally Ask

I am a fresher, will this program Help me?

  • Yes! You will learn the right processes and right skills
    from Day 1.
  • You will save time & money
  • You will start earning soon
  • Will become top consultant in your locality faster
  • You will have access to wide professional network
  • Just need this ONE program, nothing else

Dinesh Solanki (fresher) did 1 deal within 10days

I am a realtor, will it really help me make more money?

  • Yes absolutely! Because before we implemented this
    program in LHS we were ourselves realtor for 10 years
  • Like us, you can grow 5X in 4 years
  • Build this proven system effortlessly
  • Increase your network and lead sharing across India
  • Get support in terms of marketing, website, lead gen &
    closing (Kind of back office support)

Ankit (Mumbai agent) is growing fast

2nd generation real estate consultant. Spent 5+ yrs in real estate. He is loving this funnel concept​

I am busy, will I be able to do it ?

  • Yes, we understand that you are busy like everyone but
    we believe making money should be your TOP priority
  • Further, you just need 5 hours in a week to study and
  • The support provided will save more time than you will
  • You would save more time and money because you
    would be doing things right in the first go itself

Bangalore based Developer lead generation​

This program seems expensive!

  • This a very High Quality program at very discounted price
  • The potential to earn by implementing all this is in crores of rupees against a nominal 8k investment
  • ROI > multiple times
  • Rather than run for multiple programs and pay individually, its all at one place
  • One RIGHT contact is worth lakhs in Real Estate. You get access to 1000s 

Bangalore based Developer lead generation​

I have seen Lead GenCourses in Rs.2000/-, can I use them?

  • Yes, Lead gen is the easiest part of the funnel.
  • Closing the leads is what we practice here
  • This is not a lead gen course. Its about MAKING
    MONEY via real estate
  • Become a realtor and not a digital marketer
  • Join Realtors community and not digital marketers
  • Learn real estate from Realtors & not marketers

Purvesh case study​

It seems that all these tools would be very costly!

  • For starting up, all these tools give you FREE versions
  • You will pay only when you start making money via
    the tools

I am not a techy, I do not think I would be able to implement!

  • Don’t worry at all. We have got you covered via
    dedicated support
  • We would handhold you during implementation
  • These are simple tools and built for non-techies
  • Once setup, they run automatically. No additional

Aenon (Darjeeling based)

Its good, but I would do it later

  • We understand the initial resistance.
  • Many people had this but we are surprised by their growth once they started and got in the flow.
  • Important things should be done first
  • This increases your effectiveness and output.

I want it but I do not have money now

  • Its ok, everyone starts small.
  • This is an investment and you earn it back during the program itself.
  • Ask yourself: How committed are you to become successful?
  • Resources can always be arranged.

I like this but I do not understand how it will work for me?

  • Its very simple. You learn these basics, build a funnel, automate it and close deals.
  • Interact with community, share leads and grow together.
  • Join the workshops & review session and expert classes to stay updated and motivated.
  • Take support whenever and wherever you get stuck

Why are you providing so much support & training at such a low cost? Are there some hidden costs in future?

  • Well, I understand this sounds too good to be true but friends there’s no ulterior motive.
  • The only selfish reason we have is that we would build 5000 people strong community across India. Top 1%.

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