Real Estate Lead Generation

Real Estate Lead Generation Process

A great real estate lead generation company will fill up your funnel with lots of buyer and seller leads so you can focus more on finding them the perfect property and less on finding yourself new clients.
To get you started, we’ve done a deep dive into the top six real estate lead generation companies. Take a look below and let us help you decide the best option for you.

Increase Response Rates With Facebook Messenger Ads

While tons of agents are advertising on Facebook and Instagram these days, many skip over one of the best lead generation opportunities: Facebook Messenger ads. Sending ads to Messenger can get you open rates that are 242% higher than email, and offer much higher response rates than traditional Facebook ads.

You can use Messenger to advertise hotlists of niche listings like waterfront homes,   fixer-uppers, or hot new underpriced listings. One of my coaching clients even uses Messenger ads for old expiration with great results.

Host A First-Time Buyer’s Seminar

Even though the information is freely available online, many new buyers still have questions about buying a home. Offering them a low-pressure space to get their questions answered can be a great way to generate some leads.
The trick is to choose around 5 common questions to answer in your seminar and then include a few more not-so-common questions you can use in your marketing to draw people in. For example, you can talk about how to find hidden listing inventory or buy foreclosure listings to get people through the door.

Get 97% Open Rates Using Automated Text Marketing

Did you know that text messages have a whopping 97% open rate compared to 20% even for the best emails? The only problem is that tapping out individual texts to your leads takes up way too much time you could be spending cold calling.
Using the advanced text messaging platform you get with Real Geeks CRM that comes bundled with its IDX websites, you can automate your text marketing and start filling your calendar with showings tomorrow.

Use A Smart CRM To Generate Leads While You Sleep

Most people think getting started is the hardest thing to do in real estate. But most people have never tried to scale a successful real estate business.
Luckily, now it’s 2021, we have apps like Zurple that use patent-pending software to analyze a lead’s behavior to figure out when they’re ready to transact even BEFORE they know that they’re ready to transact. In fact, they generate those leads for you even while you are sleeping, so you can actually focus on closing the deal and generate more income.

Master Cold Calling

While your competition is sitting back waiting for leads to roll in from Instagram or Pinterest, take the bold route, and pick up the phone. Sure, it’s a little intimidating to get hung up on, but there is no better way to build the thick skin you’ll need to become a top-producing real estate agent.

Try Ranking Articles On Google For Luxury Or Historic Listings

Too many people believe that the time has passed to rank organically on Google successfully—specifically targeting ranking opinion articles for individual property addresses and then providing ‘the rest of the story’ so the potential buyers can read your opinions of the property’s strengths and weaknesses. This works extremely well with very high-end or historic properties. The buyer gets to hear your tone and gets a feel for your personality as well as some honest insight about the property they’re considering buying.

Learn To Rank Your Website On Google By Building Quality Backlinks

When doing search engine optimization (SEO), focus on building links back to your site from sites that are relevant to your business. If you’re selling houses, then getting a link to your website from a blog on is going to drive your site up in the Google search rankings. Whatever you do, don’t perform shady backlink building practices, such as buying 500 backlinks for $20 on Fiverr. SEO won’t produce leads for your business immediately but, over time, your organic lead flow will increase, which will improve your ROI on your business drastically

Leads alone are not enough. Interested people need convincing

One mistake that many agents make is trying to push themselves to generate leads using techniques that don’t fit their personalities.
For example, if you’re an introvert, cold callings will probably only leave you frustrated and broke.
So when choosing a new real estate lead generation strategy, make sure to ask yourself if it will generate more top of funnel or bottom of funnel leads. If you’re busy, then top-of-funnel leads are great.

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