6 principles of success

Success is something that everybody wants. It is a station of life that we all dream about.

80% of success in anything is down to your mindset.

The remaining 20% consists of the specific skills you use and the steps that you take.

This blog focuses on the mindset principles for success in the real estate business.

principles of success

#1 : Know your niche

To discover your profitable niche, you first need to

  1. find your passion
    If you were left in a library with an entire day to yourself, what are the topics you would pick? These topics will most probably be different from the topics that you were interested in as a kid. The topics might have got a little bit more career oriented.


  2. find the area you are talented in
    Sometimes your talent and passions will be the same but in most of the cases, you would’ve developed talent in something else as you grew up.


  3. understand the market needs along with identifying your customer avatar.
    Figure out 5 niches that you think has a need in the marketplace and also has an overlap with your talent and passion. 

Now, based on the understanding of your niche and the customers in your niche, you will be able to define your fictional customer avatar.

#2 : Build the right process

There are many ways to achieve success. There are foul practises and fair practices.

A company can have the greatest people and teams, but without the right processes, it becomes incredibly difficult to scale.

The second step to work towards success is to be true to yourself and find out the consistent and repeatable processes.

#3 & #4 : Build systems and automation

It is critically important to have the right systems in place.

Systems allow one to automate what would otherwise be manual reporting tasks, but, if managed correctly, they provide real time information that can fundamentally change a business.

#5 : Delegation

In order to achieve success and be a great leader, you need to learn how to delegate well.

Delegation is the process of assigning tasks to someone in order to get the work done.

Apart from saving the time by allowing the managers to focus more on the long-term goals, it also improves the collaboration within a team.

#6 : Data driven decision-making

The main reason why data is so important in business decision making is to include continuous growth and consistency.

It is an approach that values decisions that can be backed up with verifiable data rather than making decisions that are intuitive or based on observation alone, supporting competitive advantage.

Now that you have finished reading these guidelines on how to achieve success, take advantage of the ideas that sound unique to you and tailor them to fit into your own success plan.

I hope that using these principles helps you find fulfillment in your endeavors and helps you achieve what you believe to be is the epitome of success.


Love and abundance always,
Preeti Deshwal

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