Our Vision & Mission

Lisa Network

Lisa Network was created in July 2020 with a view to bring all the Realtors and Developers together to achieve the common goal of uplifting the Indian Real Estate Market.


Founder of Lisa Network, Mr. Ratnesh Upadhyay, is a visionary, and wants to solve all the hurdles that Real Estate in India is currently facing. The most common and biggest of all the problems is “Sales & Time Management”. Indian Real Estate is far behind when it comes to using automation and technology to boost sales and increase the turnover of the company.


Real Estate Sales have evolved tremendously in the past few years, but realtors are yet to realize that. Everything nowadays is shifting towards automation and technology, be it your regular small-time telecallers or multi-dollar car companies like Tesla. Then why can’t the real estate industry benefit from technology?

Processes like Lead Generation, Marketing, Sales, Property Management, Accounting & Finances, HR & Admin work, all can be automated by using the latest tools and software. And, we at Lisa Network, provide end-to-end services and courses which will make you self-sufficient to run and grow your business at a larger scale.

Automation will drastically reduce time on processes and will free your resources from tedious, lengthy, and energy-consuming tasks. Rather, it will allow them to focus on other important and decisive tasks.

The idea is that every single realtor, developer, and agent should get its fair share in this fast-growing and soon-to-be trillion-dollar industry.