The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself... The more you learn, the more you'll earn - Warren Buffet

R.A.C.E Program

“Being Real Estate Business Owner is different from being a real estate agent/broker ”

Ratnesh Upadhyay

Objectives of this 3 day training

Get the strategy for profitable real estate business

Get clarity what are the main functions of real estate business

Design your Sales funnel

Get the fundamentals of team building steps

Crack the Lead generation code

Equip youself with right mindset to succeed in real estate

If you are facing any of the below problem then you should join

  1. You do not have clarity on HOW you will make the money
  2. You do now know whether you should be doing rental deals, resale deals or new projects deals
  3. Your lead generation is irregular
  4. Your leads tell you that they have not enquired about any property
  5. Your buyers are not coming for the site visit even after they booked the appointment
  6. Difficulty in building a client base and establishing a reputation
  7. Recruiting and retaining talented staff
  8. Maintaining a work-life balance while running a demanding business

The Goal

Building a Robust Strategy

Standardize and Automate Process

Specific Steps to Win

Only till 27th Feb 2023


Rs.19,999/-(Inclusive of GST)


The R.A.C.E Program

Completely Transform Your Business In 3 Days, LIVE With Ratnesh Upadhyay!

FINALLY- Get Ready For This Transition:

Before Lisa Network

Less Leads

Lack of Clarity on how wealth would be made

Struggling with Sales

Not able to build team

Too many things to do

After Lisa Network

More Leads

Clarity on the direction and the immediate goals defined

Consistent Sales

Build a good team and ensure less dependence on people

Use Automations for better control of your business

Here’s What You’ll Accomplish With Ratnesh In 3 Days

DAY 1- 27th FEBRUARY 2023

TIME: 10 AM TO 2 PM (Part1)

  • Setting up business goals

  • Creating sales plan  

  • Creating marketing plan 

  • Creating hiring plan  

  • Creating budget for your  business

DAY 1- 27th FEBRUARY 2023

TIME: 3 PM TO 7 PM (Part2)

  • Identifying your niche/market

  • Finalizing your real estate product  

  • Building your sales funnel 

  • Optimizing your funnel 

DAY 2- 28th FEBRUARY 2023

TIME: 10 AM TO 2 PM (Part1)

  • Lead Generation – FB, Google 

  • High ticket clients  

  • Automated Marketing system

  • Dashboard – Sales, Marketing 

DAY 2- 28th FEBRUARY 2023

TIME: 3 PM TO 7 PM (Part2)

  • High Value sales process

  • Negotiation Process 

  • Exclusive Mandate

DAY 3 - 1ST MARCH 2023

TIME: 10 AM TO 2 PM (Part1)

  • Hire the right talent

  • Training and Development

  • Productivity Improvement

  • Bonus and Incentive Plans

DAY 3 - 1ST MARCH 2023

TIME: 3 PM TO 7 PM (Part2)

  • Creating Trustworthy Partners

  • Networking Strategy

  • Develop Growth Mindset

  • Partnership Model

Please remember

Real estate is a networking business. The more people you know, the more deals you can make provided you have proper systems and team

In real estate, trust plays a very crucial role. You need to showcase that your company is trustworthy

If you build relations with successful real estate developers and realtors, you will grow

One right connection in real estate could be worth lakhs of rupees

Take action and ensure that your organization keeps on developing every year

In business, you are either growing or getting left behind. There's nothing static

Only till 27th Feb 2023


Rs.19,999/-(Inclusive of GST)

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