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“My Friends & Relatives Thought That I’ll ALWAYS Be A Struggling Businessman With An Empty Bank Account, BUT… ”

a “SIMPLE idea” revealed on this page changed everything for me!

And Today, I Am:

    • A happy business owner with 4 successful ventures
    • Wildly profitable, growing & scaling month on month
    • Leading 2000+ employees – paid salaries in full, even during covid times.
    • Training, coaching & impacting lakhs of people globally!
    • An Amazon best selling author

P.A.C.E System Helped Me Grow & Scale 5 Successful Ventures And 1 Sports Team That Employs 2000+ People

This Is Not To Impress You… But To IMPRESS UPON YOU, That If I Can Do It, So Can You! Today, I Run These 6 Businesses Successfully:

Why real estate training is important for a realtor?
Why real estate training is important for a realtor?
Why real estate training is important for a realtor?
Why real estate training is important for a realtor?
Why real estate training is important for a realtor?
Why real estate training is important for a realtor?


Completely Transform Your Business In 3 Days, LIVE With Ratnesh Upadhyay!

FINALLY- Get Ready For This Transition:

Before Lisa Network

After Lisa Network

Less Time

More Time For Growth & Expansion

Chaos & Firefighting

Structured, Organised & Iron Clad With Systems

Lack Of Money

Consistent Sales


Healthy Cashflow

Lack Of Growth

Rapid Profitable Growth

Here’s What You’ll Accomplish With Rajiv In 3 Days

Day #1 (Part 1)

Clarity Of Holistic Goals- Because Starting Point Of Success Is Goal Setting. Most Entrepreneurs Don’t Have CLARITY– That’s Why They Fail. Rajiv Will Help You Set Holistic Goals In 5 Areas:

  • Financial Goals
  • Customer Goals
  • Functional Goals
  • Team Goals
  • Learning Goals

Day #1 (Part 2)&

Day #2 (Part 1)

Clarity Of Business Model- Here, Rajiv Helps You With Strategies To Absolutely ‘Bullet-Proof ’ Your Business Model, And Will All The Gaps:

  • Identifying The Best Target Market
  • Dealing With Slow Payment Cycles
  • Fixing Low Margin Issues
  • Handling Slow Sales Cycle

These Exercises Will Build An Absolute Foundation For Your Business!

Day #2 (Part 2)

Fixing Your Business Functions-

  • Learn How To Make All Functions (Marketing, Sales, HR, Operations, Accounts Etc,- Actually Function Efficiently
  • Learn The Elements You Need To Change, To Make Functions Functional

By The End Of Day #2- You Now Have The FUNCTIONs- That Can Help You Build A Business Without You!

Day #3 (Part 1)

Science Of People Management – Rajiv Unveils His Tools, Templates & Steps That Will Help You:
  • Hire The Right People – How To Source Multiple Candidates, How To Evaluate Their Attitude, Skills & Behaviour. Your Quality Of Hiring Goes Through The Roof!
  • How To Train & Develop People
  • Scientific Appraisal System- So You Can Systematically Evaluate People And Reward Them.
  • Reviewing The Work Of Your Team Members And Giving Them Feedback
  • Firing The Wrong People In Your Business
You Now Have Everything You Need, To Build A Business With You! But, There’s More!

Day #3 (Part 2)

Specific Steps To Grow Your Business – Depending On Where You Are, Rajiv Shows You Specific Steps To Move To The Next Level:

  • Steps For Growing From ‘Struggle & Survival’ Phase To ‘Stability’ Phase.
  • Steps For Growing From ‘Stability’ To ‘Success’ Phase.
  • Steps For Growing From ‘Success’ To ‘Scale’ Phase!

This Is DEEP And Amazing- Because You Walk Out With A Clear Cut, Specific Action Plan.

You’re Now Ready To Take-Off!

Only till 31st January 2023


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