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How To Start Real Estate Business In India

The real estate market in India is one of the most promising sectors for starting a business today. From a size of USD 120 billion in 2017, it is expected to grow to USD 1 trillion by 2030. Yes, this sector is flourishing at a jet speed, thereby attracting people from all backgrounds to start their own venture here.

Major Problems in Current India Real Estate

There are three major problems those are preventing real estate players from making substantial income. These are:

  • Income is not consistent in Real Estate
  • Hiring and retaining reliable team is tough
  • Closing deals is getting tougher and tougher

Traditional Real Estate Business Models are Not Working Well

It is getting tougher and tougher for people who is following traditional business model to earn income in Real Estate.

  • Lead flow is getting chocked up
  • It is not easy to follow the customer through old ways.
  • Nurturing the customer through diary and ad hoc call management is becoming difficult and expensive.

Today’s customers are transitioning towards online, whether they are residential, commercial, new purchase, sale, rental etc. Their purchasing behaviour is changing and they now expect a different level of customer service during the whole process.

The Purchasing behaviour of the customer is changing rapidly. There has been a significant increase in online transactions of payments in Real estate sector. This is starting to present a challenge for players who are still following old ways.

These Are The Three Major Problems In The Life Of A Real Estate Consultant​

There is no stability in income​

We hire employee, train them and then they quit​

The growth gets stuck and everything is manual work

But There's A Step By Step Process

If You Want To Start Real Estate Business In India Then Join 4 Day Real Estate Workshop​

This workshop is a MUST for anyone who wants to succeed in Real Estate in shortest span of time. You will get to know the inside details of a successful company. You will learn from the founder of the company himself. Learn from the practitioner. Get the know the Expert Tactics of this business.

  In case your are a start-up, you should not start spending money in real estate business unless you have done this workshop.

StartUp: If you are planning to start your real estate business then doing this 5 day workshop could save your 5 yrs of struggle or 5 lakhs worth of money wasted. Please do me a favor, join this workshop and see for yourself, what immense value it is for you.

Less than 3yrs in Real Estate: So you are already in this business and you know the domain. You right now need a way to transform yourself from Self-employed Consultant to Real estate Bz owner. You will find a lot of value in systems framework and process designing. Just join this and check it out yourself.

More than 5 yrs in real estate but stuck: You have a good knowledge of the industry and your market. You may be having a small team or large based on market in which you are operating. But now, you want to get away from all these people issues and want to Automate your business so that it could work without your daily monitoring. If that’s what you need, join this workshop to find out what all is possible in today’s era of Technology.

How is this workshop different from others?

Our workshop

  • Community focused solution
  • Prefer smaller community for better results
  • Made by Realtor for Realtor
  • 15 years of experience
  • Have done it myself


  • Theoritical GYAN
  • No experience of building Real estate bz from zero and no capital
  • Selling courses @ 5k
  • No Support
  • Running FB adv != Real estate company

Get the Bonus for registering TODAY worth Rs 45,000/-

evaluation temp realestate workshop

The Evaluation Template

[ Excel File ] Get the Current Busines Evaluation Template. Just fill in all the fields and find out the current realities of your business. Know where you stand today!

Valued Rs. 10,000/-

facebook lead generation for real estate clients course

FB Lead Generation Code

[Live Training ] Learn the PERFECT Framework for lead generation in real estate. Know how to filter your leads effortlessly and the Ad Copies that convert well. Save your marketing money.

Valued Rs. 10,000/-

lead generation automation course for realtors

LHS Automation Roadmap

[Live Training ] We give out the FULL technology stack of Lisa Home Solutions. We have experimented with tons of tools and have finalized a few which work best for us. We give them out. Save your Time, Money & Effort!

Valued Rs. 25,000/-

About the Trainer - Ratnesh Upadhyay​

I started my journey as a software engineer with TechMahindra. I worked for 8 years in different roles and in different locations including Pune & UK.

In 2008, I left my job and started working in Real Estate. I built LHS from zero to Pune’s most successful Real estate company. Since, I was software guy, I was always fascinated with Technology. I used that knowledge in building State of Art Real Estate Systems

We were the first to launch Mobile App for Landlords, Real Estate Lead Management System, Property Management System, Real Estate News App etc. Now, I am opening this book for my fellow consultants so that could also enjoy the benefits of Automation.

Before you ask for it, here's the proof that this Framework works​

Lisa Home Solutions (P) Ltd has a portfolio of more than 1000 real estate investors. LHS serves them on regular basis and generates regular Income from them.  LHS was founded 15 years back and we have developed the BEST FRAMEWORK to achieve such profitable results.

The Roadway to Real Estate Success waiting for YOU!​

success review- Lisa real estate workshop
fb success review- Lisa real estate workshop
facebook success review- Lisa real estate workshop
facebook success review- Lisa real estate workshop
lisa real estate course review
Reviews from ours real estate online senimar students



If you know how to use emails, Facebook, WhatsApp, then you are fine. You just need to use these tools to build your systems. We will give step by step instructions of how to use these tools.


No. Some tools are free of cost when you start using them. As you use higher versions then only you need to pay. Maximum tools you use will have a FREE plan to start with.


Managing people is very tough as compared to using systems and tool. We will help you setup this systems. So don’t worry on that part. This will be one time effort. Set up once and use always.


Yes, it is. Because during Covid times people are using internet more and more to search and look for properties. Investors & buyers are not visiting the property rather they are doing all the research online. This is perfect time to start building your systems and get online. In case you are also at home, you can use this time wisely.


You will get Online Classes, Live Classes, Meetups, FB group and whatsApp support in case you have any doubt. We are committed in helping you get successful


We know that real estate is a networking business. The more people we know and the more people we partner with, the more money is made. So, I take this workshop as my opportunity to meet people like you.

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