Real Estate Lead generation process recommended by Experts

Indian real estate has been exponentially developed in past 10 years with increase in demand of residential, commercial and industrial spaces. Also, according to a recent study made on the pattern of consumers involved in real estate, about 90% of them would revert to their real estate agent again or recommend their agent to others.
Therefore, a real estate agents needs to be very cautious about the sales process as it would largely affect the conversion. If disorganized, the real estate process can be frustrating, time consuming and may result in hefty waste of time.
Here are few ways that we at Lisa Home Solutions have religiously followed for over 13 years and have got spectacular results to create happy potential customers:
⦁ Preparation of an ideal sales list: This process may be broken down into 3 segments:
⦁ What to prepare – Research on the seller. Ask the seller about their property and consult them. Make them aware. For example, if the seller’s property has a claim on it, you must tell them that it needs a settling before the entering any further deals.
Once all of the seller’s title, tax and insurance paperwork checks out, you can move on to getting the property on the market.
⦁ How to stage- Now that you have established a healthy relationship with the seller, the next step is helping them to stage their property in the market. On an average, an unstaged home is more likely to stay 161 days longer than a staged house.

To improve the staging process, send your seller a virtual checklist to help them out. It’s an easy way to let your seller know what you expect from them in the lead up to staging their property.


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