80% of Developer do not make money in Real Estate

The lack of market research, insufficient capital, and inadequate risk management strategies contribute to the fact that 80% of developers fail to generate profits in the real estate industry. Additionally, factors such as fluctuating property values and fierce competition further impede their financial success.

Realtors - Problems

Supply Constraints:

Developers often face challenges in growing their business due to limited availability of land and materials, leading to inventory shortage. This constraint can impact project timelines, increase construction costs, and limit the number of units that can be developed.

Affordability Challenges:

Developers may struggle to grow their business due to affordability issues in the market. Rising property prices, coupled with stagnant incomes, can make it difficult for potential buyers to afford new properties. This can reduce demand and slow down sales, affecting the growth potential for developers.

Financing and Mortgage Rates:

Developers' growth can be hindered by fluctuating mortgage rates and challenges in obtaining financing. Higher interest rates can make borrowing more expensive for buyers, reducing their purchasing power and affecting demand for new properties. Additionally, tightening lending criteria can make it harder for developers to secure financing for their projects.

Economic Volatility:

Economic uncertainty and market fluctuations can impact developers' growth prospects. Factors such as recessions, regulatory changes, or geopolitical events can create instability in the real estate market. Uncertainty can lead to cautious consumer behavior, reduced investment appetite, and delayed decision-making, all of which can hamper developers' business expansion.

Things that needs to be changed if you want to succeed in 2023


In the real estate industry, a well-defined strategy is essential for success. This includes careful market analysis, identifying target demographics, and implementing effective marketing and pricing strategies to maximize returns and achieve long-term growth.


Effective marketing is crucial in the real estate industry to attract potential buyers and tenants, involving a strategic combination of online and offline channels, high-quality visuals, engaging property descriptions, and targeted advertising campaigns. A well-executed marketing strategy helps to showcase properties, build brand awareness, and generate leads, ultimately driving sales and ensuring a competitive edge in the market.


Empowering businesses with innovative tools for streamlining processes, enhancing property search experiences, and reaching a wider audience. Leveraging technology enables efficient transaction management, virtual property tours, and data-driven insights, leading to increased efficiency, improved customer engagement, and competitive advantage.


In the realm of sales, a strategic approach is vital for success in the real estate industry. This involves building strong relationships with clients, understanding their needs, effectively negotiating deals, and delivering exceptional customer service. By implementing a well-defined sales strategy, real estate professionals can achieve higher conversion rates, secure more transactions, and foster long-term client satisfaction.

How to Ensure your Success in 2023?

Stay Informed:

Keep up with market trends, housing demands, and pricing fluctuations to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Build Relationships:

Cultivate a strong network of industry professionals, including agents, brokers, lenders, and contractors, who can provide valuable insights, referrals, and support.

Embrace Technology:

Utilize digital marketing strategies, virtual tours, and online platforms to reach a wider audience and showcase properties effectively.

Provide Excellent Service:

Prioritize customer satisfaction by being responsive, proactive, and attentive to clients' needs, which can lead to positive referrals and repeat business.

Continuous Education:

Invest in ongoing professional development to enhance your skills and knowledge in areas such as negotiation, marketing, finance, and legal aspects of real estate. Stay updated with industry best practices through conferences, seminars, and webinars.

Financial Management:

Maintain organized records, track expenses, and budget wisely to ensure financial stability in your real estate business. Seek guidance from financial professionals for tax planning and investment strategies to maximize profitability.

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Most frequent questions and answers

If you know how to use emails, Facebook, WhatsApp, then you are fine. You just need to use these tools to build your systems. We will give step by step instructions of how to use these tools.

No. Some tools are free of cost when you start using them. As you use higher versions then only you need to pay. Maximum tools you use will have a FREE plan to start with.

Managing people is very tough as compared to using systems and tool. We will help you setup this systems. So don’t worry on that part. This will be one time effort. Set up once and use always.

Yes, it is. Because during Covid times people are using internet more and more to search and look for properties. Investors & buyers are not visiting the property rather they are doing all the research online. This is perfect time to start building your systems and get online. In case you are also at home, you can use this time wisely.

We know that real estate is a networking business. The more people we know and the more people we partner with, the more money is made. So, I take this workshop as my opportunity to meet people like you.

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