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Are You A Real Estate Developer Searching For The Winning Formula To Succeed In The Ever-Evolving Real Estate Industry? Look No Further! Our 4-Day Webinar Series Is Tailor-Made For Developers Like You Who Strive For Excellence And Want To Stay Ahead Of The Competition.

Design a Better Business

The training provides a step-by-step guide and case studies to help businesses of all sizes and industries apply the methodology and transform their approach to innovation and growth.
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Why Choose C.O.D.E. Program?

This is 4 days, online program designed to help you achieve success in the real estate industry.

Gain Expert Insights

Learn from renowned real estate developers and industry experts who have achieved remarkable success in their projects. Benefit from their knowledge, expertise, and practical advice that can propel your career forward.

Master Marketing Techniques

Discover proven marketing strategies tailored specifically for real estate developers. Explore innovative approaches to attract investors, generate leads, and maximize your project's profitability.

Learn from the People who are running Real Estate Company

Our expert speakers have years of experience in the industry and will provide invaluable insights and practical advice to help you achieve your goals.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with like-minded real estate developers from across INDIA. Exchange ideas, form potential partnerships, and expand your professional network during interactive Q&A sessions and virtual networking events.

Actionable Tips and Techniques

Receive actionable tips and techniques that you can implement immediately in your projects. From innovative marketing tactics to smart financing solutions, we've got you covered.

What Will You Learn?

Lisa Network Velocity

Balancing Sales Velocity and Premium Pricing

Understand sales velocity and accelerate your project's momentum.Unlock premium pricing by creating unique value propositions.Position your developments to appeal to the right audience.Discover effective marketing and sales tactics.Gain insights into buyer preferences and market trends.Learn techniques to differentiate your projects.Enhance your marketing campaigns and digital presence.

Funnel Based Sales Process

The goal of a well-designed sales funnel is to increase conversions, reduce customer acquisition costs, and maximize the lifetime value of each customer. By understanding the customer's needs and preferences, and strategically guiding them through the sales process, businesses can improve their overall sales performance and generate greater revenue.

Lisa Sale Funnel
Lisa Network Deal Closing

Deal Closing Techniques

Closing a deal for a Developer involves careful attention to detail and strong communication skills to guide their clients through the process successfully. By providing excellent service and expertise, realtors can build a strong reputation and generate referrals for future business.

High Performance Team Building

Our team building training is designed to provide you and your team with the skills and tools you need to build stronger, more cohesive teams that are better equipped to tackle complex challenges and achieve shared goals.

Lisa Network High Performance Team
Real Estate Business Auatomation

Real Estate Business Automation

Our Real Estate Business Automation training is designed to help real estate professionals harness the power of automation tools and technologies to streamline their day-to-day operations and focus on what really matters – building relationships with clients and closing deals.

Channel Partner Collaboration and Co-Marketing

Learn how to identify and select the most suitable channel partners for your real estate projects. Understand the importance of aligning with partners who share your vision and goals.Explore best practices for onboarding new channel partners, ensuring they have a clear understanding of your projects and marketing strategies.

Build Channel Partner Network

Our Team Trains Credai Members and NAR Members

What our Client say?

"The 4-day full-day RACE Program for developers was an incredible experience! In just a short time, I gained invaluable knowledge and skills that have significantly enhanced my development capabilities. The trainers of the RACE Program, Team is very knowledgeable, engaging, and provided hands-on guidance. Highly recommended!"
Varun Kapadiya, New Delhi
"I am extremely impressed with the comprehensive 4-day training program for developers, known as the RACE Program. It exceeded my expectations and helped me sharpen my skills in a practical and effective way. The trainers of the RACE Program, were fantastic, and the interactive approach made learning enjoyable. I feel more confident in my abilities now. Thank you!"
Gurpal Singh, Chandigarh
"As a developer, participating in the RACE Program, a 4-day training program, provided by team, was a game-changing experience. The RACE Program's hands-on exercises, real-world examples, and expert guidance made learning engaging and effective. It expanded my technical knowledge and provided me with a fresh perspective on development projects. Truly worth it!
Keshav Patel, Baroda
"Attending the 4-day RACE Program training provided by team was a turning point in my career as a developer. Their expertise and valuable insights into industry trends and best practices were remarkable. The immersive learning environment of the RACE Program made grasping complex concepts easy. I am now equipped with the skills needed to excel. Thank you!"
Saurabh Jadhav, Pune

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